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Part Three: U.S. NED Funded the Pro-Xinjiang Independence Groups That Masterminded the July 5th Urumqi Riot

7/9, 2009 Tianjin, China


I am currently at Tianjin, China my parents home at the mid-point of my U.S-China bi-national solidarity trip.

This Monday morning (7/6) when I was meeting with some Chinese activists I was shocked to learned about the July 5th Urumqi Riot that killed over 150 and wounded nearly thousand.

I was also angered by the riot was masterminded by the U.S. NED Funded the pro-Xinjiang independence groups, mainly World Uyghur Congress, according to the Chinese media.

Furthermore, I am also very angered by western media, like: New York Times, Los Angeles Times, BBC and so on, spreading the anti-China/anti-communist deceptions with helping spreading pro-Xinjiang independence propaganda.

Here's some lies I need to clarify:

1) Chinese Police attacked and killed peaceful protesters (with overwhelming information from media, photos and video I'd enclosed below, I don't need to argue more about this lie).

2) Chinese majority Han invaded Xinjiang: Xinjiang is NOT just a Uyghur ethnic group, it's combinations of over 50 ethnic groups live there for over several thousands years date back pre-silk road period. The fundamental rational U.S.-backed pro-Xinjiang independence terrorist groups claim is call to build East Turkmenistan. The East Turkmenistan is a fabricated term created by imperialist/colonist power (a country that never exist) want to break Xinjiang region from China, and become de facto client state for western power--a same strategy western power are using at Tibet.

3) Ethnic riots between Uyghur and Han: The fact is on July 5th, many Muslims and Uyghur were attacked by the mobs and injured. The U.S.-backed pro-Xinjiang independence groups exploied the factory bowl at Southern China between Uyghur and Han on June that killed 2 people at Southern China (4000 km away from Urumqi), spread rumors to mobilize Uyghur youth to attack.

However, many Uyghur and Muslims hand-by-hand with Han had saved hundreds of people from the riot and killing. For the past several days, many local Uyghur leaders appeal for clam and condemn the killings behind by U.S.-backed pro-Xinjiang independence groups.

4) Tensions are Escalating: People who're pushing ethnic hate is always minority, most people want peace and ethnic unity. Urumqi citizens, regardless which ethnic groups interviewed at the TV want their life back to normal, and the life is getting back to normal. As one Chinese expert says, the U.S.-backed pro-Xinjiang independence groups want to create the fear, anger and tension on the region for their political advantages (because they believes violence, terror and hate can help them mobilize more people for their side, and ultimately a war to break our county--with U.S. funding to destabilize China, just like what they'd been done in former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia). 

As one of the victims at the hospital says: "Those people (attackers) are crazy...we're living at the best period of the time...they don't want to choose living in peace rather choose to kill!"


7/8: U.S. NED Funded the Pro-Xinjiang Independence Groups That Masterminded the July 5th Urumqi Riot

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U.S. NED Funded the Pro-Xinjiang Independence Groups That Masterminded the July 5th Urumqi Riot

Translate and minor edit from Anti-CNN.com
July 8, 2009
After the riots in Xinjiang, the little-known "World Uyghur Congress" and it's leader Rebiya Kadeer become the focus of international media attention.
According to the World Uyghur Congress web site, the organization is "the only" umbrella for the separatist anti-China Xinjiang independence so-called East Turkestan Uighur organizations around the world. Kadeer not only the head of World Uyghur Congress, but also the President of Uyghur American Association and International Uyghur Human Rights and Democracy Foundation
They have very close relations with U.S. government and the notorious U.S. funded-CIA backed U.S. National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
According to the NED web site, on 2008 the so-called Xinjiang independence movements receive $570,000 USD--the highest point in recent years. Kadeer and her three organizations alone had received $550,000 U.S.D. or 95% of U.S. fundings supports pro-Xinjiang independence movement.
In an alarming pattern, for the past several years NED funding for pro-Xinjiang independence movement had been significantly and steadily increasing: $120,000 USD in 2005, $390,000 USD in 2006 and $520,000 USD in 2007--far exceeding the NED aid  $350,000 USD pro-Tibet independent groups in 2008.
After 9-11 the U.S. government and President Bush had a joint fight against international terrorism with China includes declare several pro-Xinjiang independence "East Turkistan" organizations as an "international terrorist organization" Yet in recent years, the United States play is hypocrisy double-face begin funding pro-Xinjiang independence organizations as well as President Bush himself meeting with Kadeer at 2008 for the, despite the protest from China.
**Related information: NED 2008 Funding for Xinjiang
China (Xinjiang)
International Uyghur Human Rights and Democracy Foundation
To advance the human rights of ethnic Uyghur women and children. TheFoundation will maintain an English- and Uyghur-language website,publish a report on the human rights situation of Uyghur women andchildren and conduct a civic-education workshop for Uyghur women.

International Uyghur PEN Club
To promote freedom of expression for writers creating work in theUyghur language. The International Uyghur PEN Club will maintain awebsite publishing banned writings and the works of persecuted poets,historians, journalists, and others, and will conduct internationaladvocacy campaigns on behalf of imprisoned writers.

Uyghur American Association (UAA)
To raise awareness of Uyghur human rights issues and advance Uyghurs’religious freedom and human rights. The UAA’s Uyghur Human RightsProject will research, document and bring to international attention,independent and accurate information about human rights violationsaffecting the Turkic populations of the Xinjiang Uyghur AutonomousRegion.

World Uyghur Congress
To strengthen advocacy on behalf of Uyghur human rights and democracy.The World Uyghur Congress will solicit its members to prepare strategypapers and will organize a major conference bringing togetherprodemocracy Uyghur leaders to discuss priorities for the Uyghurmovement in the areas of advocacy, outreach, and democracy education.

Anti-terror expert: World Uyghur Congress behind Xinjiang violence

Xinhua News Agency (China)
July 07 2009


Evidence showed that World Uyghur Congress had masterminded Sunday's deadly violence in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a Chinese counter-terrorism expert told Xinhua Tuesday.
"Judging from what Rebiya Kadeer,leader of the World Uyghur Congress, had said and done, it is fair to say the organization masterminded the incident," said Li Wei, director of the Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies with the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations.
"After the March 14 unrest in Tibet last year, Kadeer said in public that something similar should happen in Xinjiang. The riot in Urumqi bore some similarities with the March 14 incident."
Kadeer had been in close relations to the Dalai Lama, Li said, noting that the Xinjiang riot was regarded by experts as an "intentional imitation" of what happened in Lhasa.
"The riot was by no means incidental and spontaneous," he noted. "It was well organized as riots, targeting civilians, occurred at several locations at the same time."
Xinjiang police said Monday they had evidence that Rebiya Kadeer masterminded the Sunday riot, and had obtained recordings of calls between overseas Eastern Turkestan groups and their accomplices inside the country.
In the recorded calls, Kadeer said, "Something will happen in Urumqi." She also called her younger brother in Urumqi, saying, "We know a lot of things have happened," referring to the June 26 brawl involving workers from Xinjiang in a toy factory in Guangdong Province.
"This year marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China," Li said. "The World Uyghur Congress has chosen this specific time to do damage."

Backgrounder: Previous unrests in China's Xinjiang region

Xinhua News Agency (China)
July 07 2009


-- In January 2007, police destroyed a terrorist training camp in the Pamir plateau, killing 18 terrorists and capturing 17. The police also seized 22 hand grenades and more than 1,500 half-finished grenades, and some home-made explosives. One officer was killed and another injured in the raid.
-- Chinese police smashed a terrorist gang on Jan. 27, 2008 in Urumqi, the regional capital, killing two and arresting 15 others. Five police were injured during the raid when three homemade grenades were thrown at them.
-- On March 7, 2008, a 19-year female, Uygur ethnic, attempted a terrorist attack on a China Southern Airlines flight that left Urumqi for Beijing. The attempt was foiled.
-- Two terrorists, armed with guns, explosives, knives and axes, drove a heavy truck onto a team of more than 70 police in a regular morning exercise in Kashgar on August 4 last year. Seventeen people were killed and 15 injured in the attack four days before the Beijing Olympics.
-- On August 10, 2008, serial explosions occurred in the early hours in some supermarkets, hotels and government buildings in Kuqa County, killing a security guard and injuring two policemen. Eight terrorists were shot dead by police while two others killed themselves by suicidal bombings.

Photos of Xinjiang violence released by Urumqi gov't

Xinhua News Agency (China)
July 08 2009


File photo released by the government of Urumqi City in a press conference in Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, shows a burnt car in the riot happened on July 5, 2009.












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