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July 27-29, 2007 National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA.

Tel: (202)595-8990



Lists of Workshops

We welcome you to propose a workshop or caucus meeting, it should be based on our May Day 2007 points of unity.

Please review the proposed conference schedule (coming soon), and find your best area to propose your workshop/caucus (fill out the on-line application form at the bottom). Here's the Lists of the Suggest Tpoics of Workshops:

- Legislative
- Militarization of the Border
- Immigrant Detention
- Labor Organizing
- Student/Youth Organizing
- Education & Outreach
- Multi-Ethnic Organizing
- Community Support Network
- Diverse Tactics to Achieve Goals

and suggest caucus: LGBT, Women, Labor, Youth and Regional.

Every workshop sction will be 80 min (most likely, a panel of presenters with facilitator, at the end of the section the workshop should propose action plan and/or policy proposal for the Unity Meeting at Sunday.

We'll send you more information, and the process on selecting the workshop soon, if you you have any question please send e-mail to: Lee Siu Hin

You can submit your proposal on-line or e-mail: your proposal with the following information:

1) Title of the Workshop/Caucus
2) Area of the Topic
3) Workshop Agenda
4) What Do You Like to Achieve
5) Name of the Facilitator
6) Organization
7) Tel
8) E-Mail

On-Line Workshop Proposal Form
Title of the Workshop/Caucus:
Area of the Topic:
Workshop Agenda:
What Do You Like to Achieve:
Name of the Facilitator:
Submitted By:
(Optional) Can you donate $50 to help us cover the cost of the meeting room?
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