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July 27-29, 2007 National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA.

Tel: (202)595-8990


About the Conference

We invite your organization:

- To attend and endorse the conference;
- To register as soon as possible-to do so will help us finalize logistics with the university.
- To guide the program of the conference by offering workshops;
- To support our call for creating a national coalition, and consider running for a position on the steering committee or in working groups;
- To bring proposals for the 6-9 month campaign strategy.

The goals of the July 27-29 National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference aim to create a broad-based, multiethnic, community-led national immigrant solidarity movement.

We envision this as a grassroots activist conference of broad-based, multiethnic organizers from African American, Native American, African immigrant, Asian American, Latino/Latina, Arab-Muslim-North African, progressive labor, interfaith, LGBT, student, anti-war/peace and global justice groups from across the country. To meet face-to-face and discuss how to build a new national, broad-based, immigrant rights/civil rights movement, and to set a national campaign strategy framework for the 2007-2008; and to elect a new leadership of the Network.


2007-2008 National Strategy Framework

One of the key business of the conference will be drafting our 2007-2008 national strategy framework--this is guide our action plans and political directions for the comming year.

The strategy framework will be based on our May Day 2007 Points of Unity:

1) No to anti-immigrant legislation, and the criminalization of the immigrant communities.
2) No to militarization of the border.
3) No to the immigrant detention and deportation.
4) No to the guest worker program.
5) No to employer sanction and "no match" letters.
6) Yes to a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
7) Yes to speedy family reunification.
8) Yes to civil rights and humane immigration law.
9) Yes to labor rights and living wages for all workers.
10) Yes to the education and LGBT immigrant legislation.

We welcome any organizations attending the conference to submit your campaign/action propposals and propsoe a workshosp to discuss and organize your campaigns. This will be part of our 2007-2008 national strategy framework draft, which will be discuss, modify and approve at the end of the conference.

In addition, we'll also gather campaign strategy/proposals during each workshop.

Here's how the proposal formulation/decision making process will be work:

Step One: Formulating Proposals:
Campaign proposals will hopefully be the result of the workshops and any pre-conference on-line submissions that will be distributed during the workshop for consideration.

Step Two: In-Depth Discussion/Modifications of the Proposals, And Creating Working Groups Proposals will hopefully be refined in our Strategy Sections and our Caucuses:
Our strategy sections include (but are not limited to) Legislative, Community, Border, Education & Outreach, Labor, Multi-Ethnic Organizing, Student/Youth, Diverse Tactic, Interfaith and Community Support. Our caucuses include (but are not limited to) Women, LGBT, Mid-Atlantic Region, Mid-West region, West Coast Region, South East/Gulf Coast Regions.

Step Three: Decision Making Process at the Sunday Strategy Assembly Campaign proposals will be presented to the plenary:
Discussion, Q/A, clarification and adoption of the proposals, the adoption of the proposals will follow a modified consensus process, unless there is strong disagreement among participants that that be the case. Modified consensus is simply the notion that we, as a community, will strive for consensus.

Modify Consensus as Decision Making Process:
If a consensus cannot be reached for a proposal, we'll going to a simple majority vote.

NISN 2007 - 2008 Strategic Immigrant Campaign Proposal

National Coordinating Committee, Working Groups Coordinator of the National Immigrant Solidarity Network

We welcome any organizations to join our coordinating committee or leading a working group, together to build a national immigrant solidarity movement.

Last years' coordinating committee members

NISN Coordinating Committee have total 10 seats, it serves 1 year term (until the next conference) and have voting power for major decision of the National Immigrant Solidarity network, it's a volunteered-based, self-serve activism.

We accepts nominations during the conference, and we'll have vote at the end of the 7/27-29 conference at Sunday 7/29.

The Coordinating committee member will choose to facilitates the following working groups: Student/Youth, Labor, Direct Action, Day Labors, Border, Events, Multi-Ethnic, Community Work, Legislation, LGBT, Women, Detention & Deportation, Education & Outreach and Interfaith. Anyone who want to run the working groups are also welcome!

Anyone who are interested for nomination please send e-mail to:


National Immigrant Solidarity Network


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