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July 27-29, 2007 National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA.

Tel: (202)595-8990


Campaign & Startegy Proposals

NISN 2007 - 2008 Strategic Immigrant Campaign Proposal (Draft)

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Deadline for submitting proposals: July 15th

What you should focus on proposing a campaign at the conference:

Our conference will be based on our May Day 2007 call to action:

1) No to anti-immigrant legislation, and the criminalization of the immigrant communities.
2) No to militarization of the border.
3) No to the immigrant detention and deportation.
4) No to the guest worker program.
5) No to employer sanction and "no match" letters.
6) Yes to a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
7) Yes to speedy family reunification.
8) Yes to civil rights and humane immigration law.
9) Yes to labor rights and living wages for all workers.
10) Yes to the education and LGBT immigrant legislation.

We envision this as a grassroots activist conference of broad-based, multiethnic organizers from African American, Native American, African immigrant, Asian American, Latino/Latina, Arab-Muslim-North African, progressive labor, interfaith, LGBT, student, anti-war/peace and global justice groups from across the country. To meet face-to-face and discuss how to build a new national, broad-based, immigrant rights/civil rights movement, and to set a 6-9 month national strategy for the 2007-2008.
More information, please read About the Conference

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