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1/29: 2000 protestors filled 2 floors of the Abq airport tonight chanting "No ban! No wall! Equal rights for all!"
Released 26 March 2017  By Sayrah N

2000 protestors filled 2 floors of the Abq airport tonight chanting "No ban! No wall! Equal rights for all!"

Sayrah N <>;
Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 10:20 PM

The call put out for a solidarity demonstration today at the Albuquerque Sunport had a stunning response despite the short notice. An estimated 2,000 people gathered on Yale Blvd. SE a few blocks north of the airport then marched onto the street drumming and chanting. Colorful signs dotted the scene as Muslim families pushing strollers, Jewish men wearing yamakas, young people wearing Anonymous masks, Xicano, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern and white people chanted together "No Ban! No Wall! Equal Rights For All!".

The demonstration was in solidarity with other major cities with international airports in response to Trump's executive order Friday barring people from 7 majority Muslim countries from entry. Protests happened all over the country in airports this weekend--one of the least likely places to have a demonstration as security is so strict you can get in trouble if you leave your suitcase for a moment.

JFK, LAX, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Dulles, and Charleston airports are just some of the airports with massive protests. Some airports were temporarily shut down and pilots were unable to land planes due to the protests.

In Albuquerque, local Muslim activist Shakir Abdullah co-organized and emceed the event, inviting many people to speak including Muslim leaders, rabbis, veterans, immigrants, refugees, and officials including State Auditor Tim Keller and former City Councilor Rey Garduno. The crowd was so large that they filled two floors of the airport: the ticketing area and the baggage claim area.

"No hate! No fear! Refugees are welcome here!" the crowd chanted as startled passengers tried to move through the throng to get to their flights. Shakir invited the crowd to turn and look at each other and hug each other, under the watchful eyes of the anxious airport police standing at the top of the escalators.

After two hours, the crowd cheerfully dispersed back to their cars.

Some videos:


P.S. ACLU won a temporary injunction yesterday. Lawyers are working round the clock at JFK to get release of detained Iraqis, Somali, and Iranian passengers.

6 Syrians (including 2 children) who landed in Philadelphia airport Saturday, after waiting 14 yrs to come to the US, were sent back due to Trump's ban, which is a death sentence for them:

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