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Immigrants Shape California: New "Access to Justice" Laws
Released 22 March 2016  By Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Immigrants Shape California: New "Access to Justice" Laws

Immigrant Legal Resource Center

As of January 1, 2016, California has a series of new laws, part of the Immigrants Shape California Legislative Package, to expand the rights of immigrants in our state. As we wait for our national politics to catch up, the California Legislature has shown their steadfast commitment to passing reforms that our state’s immigrants so desperately need. The Immigrant Legal Resource Center is proud to have sponsored a series of access to justice laws in the package, which focus on protecting the most marginalized in immigrant communities, including young people and victims of crimes, as well as those who have interacted with the criminal justice system.

To learn more about these new laws and how they benefit the immigrant community, see below for infographics and related links for more information.

AB 1343 Ensuring Due Process for Immigrant Defendants
AB 1343 safeguards due process for immigrants in the criminal justice system by ensuring that immigrants are provided access to fair, honest, and competent legal advice to protect against the disproportionate impacts that a criminal offense can have on an immigration case.


For more information see “Protocols for Ensuring Effective Defense of Noncitizen Defendants in California” at:

A review of different defender office models to ensure effective representation of noncitizen defendants. This protocol includes interviews with defenders across the state, as well as practical tips and resources in establishing a local protocol.

See also, Prosecutors' Consideration of Immigration Consequences in Light of Padilla, available at:

AB 1352 (PC Section 1203.43) Preventing Unintended Immigration Consequences for Certain Drug Offenses
AB 1352 keeps our families healthy and intact by ending unintended federal and immigration consequences for certain drug offenses such as simple possession of drugs, for immigrants and others who successfully complete drug programs. This law will protect against excessively punitive actions by the federal government.


For more information:

SB 674 Immigrant Victims of Crime Equity Act
SB 674 ensures that all immigrant crime victims in California have equal access to immigration status through the U Visa, by correcting some of the statewide inequities in the issuance of U Visa certifications.


For more information:

AB 899 Juvenile Confidentiality
AB 899 protects youth in the youth justice system from the fear of deportation and other federal penalties by protecting their records from unauthorized disclosure to federal officials, including immigration officials. With this measure, the due process rights of California’s younger residents will be safeguarded against federal agencies.


For more information:

AB 900 Extension of Probate Jurisdiction to Protect Vulnerable Immigrant Youth
AB 900 closes the gap between federal and California law to make sure that as many immigrant youth as possible have access to humanitarian immigration legal relief through the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) Visa.


For more information:

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