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3/26 New Jersey: Boycoot Radio Host "Jersey Guys" and their sponsors!
Released 26 March 2007  By

Jersey Guys Boycott - Partial List of Sponsors


Please pass this list around not only in Jersey, but all over the country. They are doing "Operation La Cucha Gotcha." so I think we should do our own operation. Any company that sponsors bigots should be boycotted. If you see a bigot making money out of your hard work, don’t let them. Stop them from using your money to finance bigotry and racism! Let’s call it: "Operation Ya Basta!" What do you think? Here is a partial list of some of the Sponsors of NJ 101.5 FM. If you know of anymore, add them to the list and forward them.

First Choice Bank -
(They are having a grand oppening in south jersey. More info here:

Levinton Axelrod -

Meridian Health -

Pine Belt Automotive, Inc -

Dr. Friedman -

Allegro Enterprises, Inc -

Global Automall -

Roma Bank -

The Port Authority of NYand NJ (Unbelieable) -

Brad Benson Hyunday -

LackLand Self Storage -

Electrologist Association on NJ -

Thomas Edison State College -

Sesame Street Live - -

The following two might be sponsors:

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ -

Verizon -

NOTE: All links orginated from 101.5 FM's website.

The idiots got they wanted - publicity. Here is a recap of the 3/22 Jersey Guys Show:

Show Recap 3-22

It’s just another day in Jersey Guy lore as they announce at the top of the show that they will be holding a press conference at 4:30 today to refute comments by Assemblyman Wilfredo Caraballo and misinformed Hispanic Media alike, regarding ‘Operation La Cucha Gotcha.’ Caraballo is a bold faced liar who, in a last ditch effort by a desperate man, is trying to create a hysteria where there isn’t one. Caraballo is the definition of a pathetic man trying to hold onto his spot in office and get re-elected in any way he can, including spreading lies about The Jersey Guys.

Ray found a great piece of evidence to prove their point. While in NYC last weekend, Ray picked up a Metro Card and still has it with him today. On the back of the Metro Card, in Spanish, the card contains the phrase translated that says ‘If you see something, say something.’ That phrase is exactly what the guys have requested from their listeners with ‘Operation La Cucha Gotcha’. So what makes the Jersey Guys so different from what the Port Authority of NY/NJ requests?

Carmen Perez, a Middlesex resident and a member of the Hispanic Group ‘you don’t speak for me,’ called in to the hotline to support the Jersey Guys. Carmen said the Jersey Guys say what everybody else thinks and in a state like ours, you need that. She agrees they illegal aliens are a burden on the state and a drain on the economy. Carmen also mentions that the guys are doing the state a great justice and that she and her whole group are proud of the guys for their initiative.

The moment of truth finally comes at 4:30 and amid a room full of reporters and television cameras from Telemundo, ABC New York, Fox 29, and CNN just to name a few, Craig and Ray open the press conference by clearing up the misconception that ‘Operation La Cucha Gotcha’ was never intended to be a contest or a game whatsoever. This was an initiative to rid the state of illegal aliens regardless of their ethnicity. The guys never promoted vigilantism whatsoever. The program was only developed for concerned citizens to report suspicious activities to the Federal Authorities who would then investigate and make the decision as to whether a case should or should not be opened. Craig goes on to mention that Wilfredo Caraballo is a coward and an absolute pathetic human being who has attempted to censure Craig in the past. Caraballo is the dangerous one here because his remarks could incite violence. Craig and Ray even went as far as to quote Governor Corzine when he stated that illegal aliens are a drain on the state economy, costing taxpayers over 12 million dollars per year.

Once they were finished with their statement, the guys opened it up to a Q&A session from the members of the press. The guys hung tough amid some tough round of questioning. Many of the questions surrounded the name ‘Operation La Coucha Gotcha’ which Craig explained was a name that had no meaning or translation and was voted on as the name for the initiative by the listeners. Craig went even as far to say that the play off on the name ‘La Cucha Racha’ was a song which has been known to Hispanics as a version of the American standard ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy.’

Following the press conference, the guys were very pleased with the way everything went and the phone lines were flooded with listeners calling into to congratulate and thank the Jersey Guys for taking a stand and not backing down.

In a lighter moment on what was mostly as serious day, Craig invited Tyrone into the studio to face off against Ray in a push up contest. The winner would be the one who could do the most push ups in on minute. Ray does 80 pushups in 60 seconds and Tyrone only does 40, meaning that Craig does not lift the ban on Tyrone from the studio and Tyrone will not be going to the Sweet Sixteen tomorrow night with Craig.
Michelle congratulates the guys on a job well done today. Craig talks about Big Red’s opening topic for the evening and how he’s not a jealous guy. Michelle once again refuses to jump rope in front of the crew but says she will play in a co-ed basketball game.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow at 2pm, for the big singing contest between Judi Franco and Craig!!

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