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2/12 Canada: Support Canadian Detainees' Hunger Strike in 80th Day!
Released 15 February 2007  By Matthew Behrens - Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada

Urgent Action! Support Canadian Detainees' Hunger Strike in 80th Day
February 12, 2007

Dear Friends,

Today is Day 80 of a hunger strike against indefinite detention and
wretched conditions of detention for Canada's secret trial detainees, held
over 6 years without charge on secret evidence neither they nor their
lawyers are allowed to see. International pressure can help. Below are the
numbers of Canadian embassies and consulates to call. We are writing to
ask you to call the Canadian consulate in your city or nearest to you and
register a complaint about the government's refusal to negotiate and its
willingness to let these men die.

When calling, please say that you are concerned that the government of
Canada is refusing to negotiate a solution, and demand:

1. The government needs to appoint the Correctional Investigator to
investigate and resolve the crisis at the Kingston Immigration Holding
Centre (aka Guantanamo North)

2. The detainees require immediate and ongoing medical care.

3. The men need to have a supervisor when being escorted through the
facility to prevent mistreatment by or false accusations from guards.

4. The government needs to enter into serious negotiations on the men's
other demands with respect to improved conditions of detention.

5. Secret trials have no place in a democracy. Abolish the security
certificate process and stop government efforts to deport these men to
torture in Syria and Egypt.

We appreciate this. Canada is very concerned about its international image,
so calls from the U.S. will have a major impact. Please email
if you have done this and let us know what kind of response you are
getting. There is not much time left for the detainees, Mohammad Mahjoub,
Mahmoud Jaballah, and Hassan Almrei.

For further information:


Matthew Behrens
Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada
Toronto, Canada
TASC <>;

Canadian Consulate General - Atlanta
Tel: 1 (404) 532-2000

Canadian Consulate General - Boston
Tel: 1 (617) 262-3760

Canadian Consulate General - Buffalo
Tel: 1 (716) 858-9500

Canadian Consulate General - Chicago
Tel: 1 (312) 616-1860

Canadian Consulate General - Dallas
1 (214) 922-9806
Fax: 1 (214) 922-9815

Canadian Consulate General - Detroit
Tel: 1 (313) 567-2340

Canadian Consulate General - Los Angeles
Tel: 1 (213) 346-2700

Canadian Consulate General - Miami
Tel: 1 (305) 579-1600

Canadian Consulate General - Minneapolis
Tel: 1 (612) 332-7486

Canadian Consulate General - New York City
Tel: 1 (212) 596-1628

Canadian Consulate General - San Francisco / Silicon Valley
Tel: (415) 834-3180

Canadian Consulate General - Seattle
Tel: 1 (206) 443-1777

Canadian Embassy - Washington
Tel: 1 (202) 682-1740

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