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3/22 San Francisco, CA: HR-4437 Hunger Strike Update
Released 23 March 2006  By Cesar Cruz

HR-4437 Hunger Strike Update
March 22, 2006

Dear Familia,

On this 34th hour of the fast we have many amazing updates for you.
We began on Monday with hundreds of people who came out and made
sure that we weren't arrested. Dolores Huerta left our fast and we
knew we were on the right track. All day the office of homeland
security sought to kick us off the federal building site, but the
community fought back. Not only have we been able to camp out
overnight, but we have over 15 tents in front of the federal
building. We have literally taken it over. Hundreds of youth
marched from the Mission District to the federal building at about
7:30 PM and we had a very powerful rally. The evening was difficult
in terms of braving the harsh cold night and the constant sirens
that came by between three and five in the morning.

At noon, we had a very powerful rally lead by Women shelters, a
Chinese association, Filipino worker's union, the San Francisco Day
Labor Program, and the May First Committee. The day has been
continually colder, but at 6:30 PM hundreds of people came out for a
three hour candlelight vigil with many community speakers. On site,
we have not had access to TV or print media. But we know that
Channel 5 camped out with us on our first night. Telemundo,
Univision, CBS all did reporting from the federal building. Radio
report from La 1010. Estereo Sol did a two hour segment with brother
Jose Sandoval. Pacifica Radio has covered the hunger strike on the
following shows "FlashPoints" nationally, "La Raza Chronicles" "Bay
Area Native Circles" and "Hard Knock Radio" Brother J.R. and Maya
did a thirty minute segment for "The Block Report." Free Speech
radio also did a segment. Tune in tomorrow at 4:00 PM to Hard Knock
Radio 94.1 KPFA as there will be a special specifically on the
Hunger Strike. KCBS radio news also did a report. There has also
been interviews from Chinese station KCST and a Filipino Television
Station TFC and the Manila Bulletin Newspaper also did a report.
The Hunger strike has been spread nationally through Pacific News
Service. Also we are aware that the Contra Costa Times, and The
San Francisco Chronicle have done print media stories, but are not
aware of who the other photographers were. We have connected the
hunger strike with the National Day of Action against HR-4437 with
protests in Chicago, Pennsylvania, and multiple marches in
California including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and San
Jose, all taking place this Saturday. We call upon those in the Bay
Area for our daily vigils starting at 6:00 PM, a major teach-in and
protest this Saturday at noon, and the culmination of our fast on
Monday, March 27 at 11:00 AM as Latino war veterans marching from
Tijuana to San Francisco willjoin us as we march together from the
San Francisco Federal Building to Senator Diane Feinstein's office.
For more information Check out our website at

On a Move,
Cesar Cruz

If you would like to reach me directly, please call my 510-776-3740.

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