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The National Immigrant Solidarity Network (NISN) is a coalition of immigrant rights, labor, human rights, religious, and student activist organizations from across the country. We work with leading immigrant rights, students and labor groups. In solidarity with their campaigns, and organize community immigrant rights education campaigns.

From legislative letter-writing campaigns to speaker bureaus and educational materials, we organize critical immigrant-worker campaigns that are moving toward justice for all immigrants!

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2/8 Washington D.C.: Call for Protest Against Minutemen Rally in D.C. with Jim Gilchrist!
Released 06 February 2006  By National Immigrant Solidarity Network

Call for Protest against Jim Gilchrist (Minuteman Project Founder) and Chris Simcox (Civil Homeland Defense Founder) for an rally Wed February 8 in Washington D.C!

Information from

Wednesday, February 8, 2006
11:30 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Grass area on WEST side of U.S. Capitol Building (on First Street
between Constitution Avenue NW and Independence Avenue SW),
Washington, D.C.

Join Jim Gilchrist (Minuteman Project Founder) and Chris Simcox (Civil
Homeland Defense Founder) for an important rally. A request has been
sent to every U.S. Senator to meet with Gilchrist and Simcox and other
law-abiding Americans to address 3 issues of primary concern:
(1) Proposed illegal alien guest worker programs;
(2) proposed illegal alien amnesty; and
(3) a fair moratorium on legal immigration to protect the rights of legal
residents & reduce the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S. (an issue strongly
supported by Congressman Tom Tancredo).

Minutemen are also asking for those interested to assist in lobbying Senators
and Congressional Representatives at this crucial time when the Congress
debates guestworker/amnesty plans.

For more information:

Telephone (toll free): 1-877-NO-ILLEGALS (or 1-877-664-5534)



Washington, DC - Grass area on WEST side of U.S. Capitol Building - on FIRST Street between CONSTITUTION Avenue NW and INDEPENDENCE Avenue SW

Wednesday, February 8, 2006 11:30AM - 2:00PM EST

JIM GILCHRIST, Minuteman Project Founder supported by:
- National Immigration- Reform/Patriot Groups (CCIR, CCN, Balance, ASAP, AIC, Eagle Forum and others)
- Courageous "on the line" Minutemen/women
- Law-abiding Americans of every race and ethnicity

For TRAVEL, LODGING and SHUTTLE arrangements, contact
DAVID GLAZER - (760) 371-4991 or

I. RALLY: JIM GILCHRIST has invited ALL U.S. Senators to attend this Rally, listen to the people and speak to the people on issues of primary concern:
- Proposed Illegal Alien Guest Worker Program
- Proposed Illegal Alien Amnesty
- Moratorium on legal immigration to reduce the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S. (an issue strongly supported by Rep. Tom Tancredo)

NOTE: The list of patriot speakers will be published as soon as finalized.

II. LOBBY ELECTED OFFICIALS: It is WE the voters who MUST convince our Senators and Reps to OPPOSE ANY guest worker/amnesty bills!

1. Call for Appointments: Use toll-free numbers (866) 340-9281 or (800) 426-8073.
- If elected official is unavailable, ask to meet with the Aide in charge of Immigration.
- Ask the Aide how the Senator or Rep plans to vote on the Guest Worker/Amnesty bill(s).
- Make your presentation brief & concise. Provide documented data to support your position.
- Reassure the Aide you are tracking the vote record to determine your support or opposition when they are up for reelection.

2. Prepare & Deliver Data Packages: For those with whom you are unable to schedule a meeting, prepare documented "Data Packages" supporting your reasons for OPPOSING any illegal alien "Guest Worker"/Amnesty program and your SUPPORT of a legal immigration Moratorium.
- Hand deliver to the Senator or Representative's office - Ask for the Immigration Aide.
- Request it be provided to the elected official.
- Get the Immigration Aide's business card - Do a follow-up call. Ask if your data was provided to the elected official and what was his/her response.

Rally Emcee: Steve Eichler, MMP Director

Keynote Speakers: REP. TOM TANCREDO

Primary Speakers: All U.S. Senators who accept Jim Gilchrist's personal invitation to address the proposed "Guest Worker"/Amnesty with attendees.

Patriot Speakers (alpha order & as time permits):
- Terry Anderson (KRLA)
- John Clark (AIC)
- Barb Coe (CCIR)
- Michelle Dellacroce (MAIA)
- Tony Dolz,(Minuteman/CA Candidate)
- Mark Edwards (KDWN)
- Peter Gadiel (9/11 Families for a Secure America)
- Ramon Herrera (Latino Minuteman)
- Richard Vasquez (Idaho Congressional Candidate)

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