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11/23 WESTMINSTER, CA: Updates on Theresa Dang's Trial
Released 29 November 2005  By Duane Roberts

Theresa Dang expected to go to trial on bogus flashlight theft
charge on November 28th
From: Duane Roberts

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


As many people as possible are being encouraged to
show up and support her during the trial

WESTMINSTER, CA -- Theresa Dang, 25, is expected to go
to trial next Monday at the West Justice Center in
Orange County on a misdemeanor petty theft charge of
allegedly stealing a flashlight that was dropped by a
police officer at a May 25th counterdemonstration
against Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist in Garden

Dang was one of 300 protesters at the
counterdemonstration and one of four people thrown to
the ground when struck by a minivan driven by Van Nuys
resident Hal Netkin, a Minuteman supporter, who
operates several websites on the internet that blame
'illegal immigrants' from Mexico for causing all of
California's economic problems.

On June 1st, Dang hand-delivered a letter she
co-authored to the Orange County District Attorney's
Office asking that Netkin be investigated for a crime;
she also criticized police for mishandling the
incident at a June 14th meeting of the Garden Grove
City Council. Two days later, her home was raided by
police searching for a flashlight.

Duane Roberts, 38, one of the organizers of the May
25th demonstration and a police liaison for some of
the groups involved, says ?this is one of the worst
cases of political repression I have ever seen.
Roberts thinks Garden Grove Police are blowing out of
proportion a harmless thing Dang allegedly did to
punish her for being openly critical of them.

"There was a lot of confusion going on that night
especially after police charged the crowd," said
Roberts. "If I saw a flashlight on the ground, I would
have picked it up too. It was dark and there were
people running around. A police officer or protester
could have seriously injured themselves if they had
stumbled on it."

Roberts further adds: ?I expect Dang to be acquitted
of this bogus criminal charge. Any jury looking at all
the facts of this case will clearly see she committed
no crime. If anything, the trial will show beyond a
reasonable doubt that the Garden Grove Police
violated her civil rights.?
Dang?s case is expected to go to trial on Monday,
November 28th, beginning at 8:30 am (Pacific Standard
Time) at the West Justice Center in Westminster,
California. The address is 8131 13th Street,
Westminster. See for a
map of where the courthouse is located.

As many people as possible are being encouraged to
show up and support Theresa Dang throughout the duration of
her trial.



Minuteman Flap Leads to Home Search
Daniel Yi
The Los Angeles Times


GG Police pursue phony criminal charge against woman
hit by Minuteman supporter
Duane Roberts


No probe of police conduct at anti-Minuteman protest
Eleeza Agopian
The Orange County Register


Minutes of Tuesday, June 14th meeting of the Garden
Grove City Council where Theresa Dang spoke critically
of the police
City of Garden Grove


The first photo on this page is of Theresa Dang, one
of four persons struck by a minivan driven by Hal


Garden Grove Police Lt. Mike Handfield sends me a
message about Theresa Dang
Duane Roberts


Theresa Dang's arraignment hearing continued
until Wednesday, July 27th
Duane Roberts


Event turns hostile
Martin Wisckol
The Orange County Register

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