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4/17 AZ: Act NOW to stop legislation targeting immigrant workers & families in Arizona !
Released 25 April 2005  By Coalition to Defeat Prop 200

Updated Sunday, April 17, 2005
Act NOW to stop legislation targeting immigrant workers & families in Arizona !
Many of the bills below are being decided this coming week in the AZ Legislature. Your emails and phone calls are needed NOW to persuade Senators and Representatives to vote NO on all of these, especially the first 8 listed!

Call your AZ Senator TODAY! 1-800-352-8404

HB 2030: "Prop 200 on Steroids" (Sponsor: Rep. Boone)
If passed, this bill would expand Prop 200 to ban undocumented immigrants from programs including Adult Education (ESL & GED), Family Literacy, public universities, community colleges and Child Care. It forces employees at state agencies, universities and community colleges to check immigration status and report undocumented persons to the INS. Was amended to include provisions from HB 2264, denying financial aid and in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants. STATUS: Passed House on 3/24/05 by 33-26-1. Could be voted on this Monday in the Senate!

HCR 2030 English ONLY (Sponsor: Rep. Pearce)
If passed, the 2006 general election ballot would carry the question of amending the state constitution to replace its existing requirement for English to be the official state language with a new section that requires the official functions of government to be conducted in English only. Will require election ballots to be in English only.
STATUS: Passed House on 3/24/05 by 31-29-0. In Senate Rules Committee, but not yet on the Committee agenda.

SB 1167 English ONLY: Rep. Pearce, in an attempt to ensure English Only passes, will be amending SB 1167 (strike-all) to be the same as HCR 2030. STATUS: Passed Senate. Passed House Appropriations (P) Committee.

HB 2592 Ban on State Funding for Day Labor Work Centers (Sponsor: Rep. Rosati)
If passed, cities and towns would be prohibited from maintaining or building a day labor center if it's used to facilitate the hiring of undocumented workers. Bans public funding for day labor centers.
STATUS: Passed House on 3/14/05 by 33-22-5. Passed Senate Govt. Committee. Up for possible Senate-wide vote Monday!

HCR 2028 Denial of Bail to Undocumented Immigrants, similar to HB 2389 (Sponsor: Rep. Pearce)
If passed, the 2006 general election ballot would carry the question of amending the state constitution to take away the right to post bail from any undocumented immigrant charged with a felony. STATUS: Passed House on 3/8/05 by 36-23-1-0. Both HCR 2028 and HB 2389 passed Senate Judiciary Committee. Will be heard in Senate Rules Committee.

HB 2259 Harsher Sentencing for Undocumented Immigrants Charged with Crimes (Sponsor: Rep. Gray)
If passed, judges could consider immigration status an "aggravating factor" in sentencing to impose harsher sentences. STATUS: Passed House on 3/8/05 by 39-19-2. Passed Senate. The Governor could sign it any day!

HB 2709 Construction of Private Prison in Mexico to Jail Undocumented Immigrants (Sponsor: Rep. Pearce)
If passed, Arizona would contract to construct a private prison in Mexico to jail undocumented immigrants.
STATUS: Passed House on 3/22/05 by 39-20-1. Passed all Committees. Up for Senate-wide vote any day now!

SB 1306 Amended to be: Police-Border Patrol Cooperation to Detain Immigrants (Formerly HB 2386)
If passed, would allow police to temporarily detain an undocumented immigrant who is arrested for purposes of calling Border Patrol & facilitating deportation. Status: SB 1306 will be heard in House Rules Cmmttee on Monday and up for third read. Could have its final vote by end of this week!

HB 2393 Driver Licenses & Conversion of Motor Vehicles staff into Fraud Investigators (Sponsor: Rep. Pearce)
If passed, Motor Vehicle employees would be required to report immigrants suspected of using fake documents to the ADOT and the County Attorney for prosecution. STATUS: Passed House on 2/21/05 by 38-21-1. Now before the Senate, assigned to Transportation and Appropriations Committees. Failed in Senate Transportation Committee.

SB 1511 Prohibits use of Matrícula Consular as Identification
If passed, government agencies would be prohibited from accepting the matrícula consular as an official form of ID.
STATUS: Passed Senate on 3/15/05 by 19-11-0. Now before the House, passed House Judiciary, assigned to Rules Cmttee.

For info. on how to contact your particular Senator, call the toll-free number above, or use the following links:
House: Senate:

Note: Another 7 bills not listed above "died" in the House, but could be attached to pending Senate bills at any time! [HB 2263, 2384, 2388, 2394, 2395, 2612, 2044]. Already passed & signed by Gov. Napolitano is HB 2539 (Makes smuggling a new state crime; allows police to detain immigrants & report to Border Patrol if smuggling "suspected").

Compiled by the Coalition to Defeat Prop 200 % 9% 9% 9% 9
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