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National Immigrant Solidarity Network
4th National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference
& Immigrant Rights Film Festival

April 10-12, 2009 UIC Student Center West
828 South Wolcott, Chicago, IL

Conference Hotline: (773)942-2268

About the Conference

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The conference will be our strategy planning meeting for grassroots immigrant activists looking 2009 and beyond. We want to send a clear message to the Congress and our new President: Stop Immigrant Raids! Support Immigrant Workers Rights! 

We envision this as a grassroots activist conference of broad-based, multiethnic organizers from African American, Native American, African immigrant, Asian American, Latino/Latina, Arab-Muslim-North African, progressive labor, interfaith, LGBT, student, anti-war/peace and global justice groups from across the country. To meet face-to-face and discuss how to build a new national, broad-based, immigrant rights/civil rights movement, and to set our 2009-2010 national grassroots immigrant campaign strategy.

We'll focus on building multi-ethnic, multi-constituent, broad-based grassroots immigrant rights movements run by de-centralized volunteer-based community-rooted immigrant rights activists from youth, workers and community members who can play more active role on campaign formulation and decision making for local coalition building to organize popular education campaigns, such as: campaign to against immigrant dentition, deportation & raids; immigrant labor rights movement; campaign against local anti-immigrant ordinance; comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) and linking the immigrant rights movement with other struggles, such as: anti-war and anti-globalization movements.

We'll also discuss the lessons from the 2008 election and what we should expect from the new President and the Congress affecting immigrant legislation for the next two years.

Based on these discussions: feedback from workshops, pre-submitted campaigns/strategies, and ideas from strategy sections, we want to draft:

- NISN new campaign strategies for 2009-2010
- New National Immigrant Solidarity Network (NISN) Points of Unity
- NISN program and action plans for 2009-2010
- An open letter to President Barak Obama and the Congress about our position on Immigrant Rights (which we'll ask for nation wide endorsement and bring to Washington DC at our Congressional lobby day sometime later 2009)

NISN Points of Unity (2007)

What we want to accomplish from the conference?

- Networking, Building Allies
-Workshops and skill sharing training that will help conference participants "how to" organize their own immigrant workers campaign
- Expand our NISN work to Chicago immigrant workers, activist communities
- New Steering Committee and Working Groups for NISN
- NISN Points of Unity for Immigrant Rights
- NISN Policy Proposal/Open Letter to the President Barak Obama and the Congress
- 2009-2010 action/campaign plan


Workshops and Strategic Campaign Proposal:
The conference will be focus on the following areas, at the end of the conference, we'll draft a strategic campaign proposal.

- 2008 Elections and How It'll Impact Immigrant Rights Movement
- Linking Immigrant Rights Movements with Other Struggles
- Immigrant Raids, Detention & Deportation
- Immigrant Labor Campaigns and Day Labor Centers
- Housing, Education and Healthcare Rights for the Immigrants
- No to the Border Wall and Militization of the Border
- Strategic Resources for the Immigrant Activists
- Support Local Chicago Grassroots Immigrant Campaigns
- Building a Multi-ethnic, Multi-Constituents-Based Immigrant Rights Movement
- Congressional Immigrant Legislation
- International Immigrant Rights Campaigns


Past Conferences

July 27-29, 2007 National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA.

July 28-30, 2006 Washington DC National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference


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