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National Immigrant Solidarity Network
4th National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference
& Immigrant Rights Film Festival

April 10-12, 2009 UIC Student Center West
828 South Wolcott, Chicago, IL

Conference Hotline: (773)942-2268

April 10 Community Immigrant Rights Event

We'll Join with Good Friday Walk, Organized by: 8th Day Center for Justice
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM at downtown Chicago
(Begin at Congess Plaza, Ends at Thompson Center Plaza)

We'll Assemble at Financial Plaza (Clack & Jackson) around
12:30 PM for the Immigration part of the Walk

We'll join with annual Good Friday Walk organized by 8th Day Center for Justice

This is a march and rally focus on different issues at each stopsof the march ("the station"), their 4th station will be immigration. Organized by Sisters and Brothers of Immigrants--members of women and men’s religious communities, at Financial Plaza (Clack & Jackson) around 12:30 PM.

More information will be coming soon.

About the Good Friday Walk:

The theme for this year’s Good Friday Walk is- Who Will Carry the Word? To Remember-To Speak-To Act-To imagine.  It speaks of 8th day Center’s belief that each of us must bear the responsibility not to forget those who suffer at the hands of dominating and abusive power.  This day is called “good” because we believe if we work together it can lead us to remember, to speak, to act, to imagine the many possibilities for transforming unjust systems. For more information about the Walk, click here



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