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National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference
Friday - Sunday July 28-30, 2006
Ward Circle Building, American University
Washington, DC



Updated Lists of Workshops and Campaign Proposals

We welcome you to propose a workshop or caucus meeting, it should be based on our points of unity developed during the May 1st "A Day Without immigrants" National Boycott/Strike, and the vision of the conference.

Please review the proposed conference schedule, and find your best area to propose your workshop/caucus (fill out the on-line application form at the bottom). Here's the Lists of the Suggest Tpoics of Workshops:

- Legislative
- Militarization of the Border
- Immigrant Detention
- Labor Organizing
- Student/Youth Organizing
- Education & Outreach
- Multi-Ethnic Organizing
- Community Support Network
- Diverse Tactics to Achieve Goals

and suggest caucus: LGBT, Women, Labor, Youth and Regional.

Every workshop sction will be 90 min (most likely, a panel of presenters with facilitator, at the end of the section the workshop should propose action plan and/or policy proposal for the Unity Meeting at Sunday.

We'll send you more information, and the process on selecting the workshop soon, if you you have any question please send e-mail to: Lee Siu Hin

You can submit your proposal on-line or e-mail: your proposal with the following information:

1) Title of the Workshop/Caucus
2) Area of the Topic
3) Workshop Agenda
4) What Do You Like to Achieve
5) Name of the Facilitator
6) Organization
7) Tel
8) E-Mail

On-Line Workshop Proposal Form
Title of the Workshop/Caucus:
Area of the Topic:
Workshop Agenda:
What Do You Like to Achieve:
Name of the Facilitator:
Submitted By:
(Optional) Can you donate $50 to help us cover the cost of the meeting room?
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