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National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference
Friday - Sunday July 28-30, 2006
American University
Washington, DC


About the National Immigrant Solidarity Network
No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!

Los Angeles: (213)403-0131
New York: (212)330-8172
Washington DC: (202)595-8990

The National Immigrant Solidarity Network (NISN) is a coalition of immigrant rights, labor, human rights, religious, and student activist organizations from across the country. We are volunteer-based organization working with immigrant rights, students, global justice, anti-war and progressive labor groups. In solidarity with their campaigns, and organize community immigrant education programs.

We believes: Think Locally, Act Globally! We believes activists and organizers have a particular responsibility to point out the links between Katrina's impact, immigrant rights, civil liberties, labor rights and the U.S. war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to make the connections between: wars in Africa, south America, Asia, Iraq, Palestine and Korea, and sweatshops in Asia as well as in Los Angeles and in New York; international arms sales and the WTO, FTAA, NAFTA & CAFTA with AIDS, hunger, our reproductive rights, child labor and child soldiers; multinational corporations and economic exploitation with racism, homophobia and poverty at home--then we can win the struggle.

United We Win! Together We Can Achieve Our Dreams!


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