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9/25: DMV Issues Over Half a Million Driverís Licenses Under AB 60
Released 15 October 2015  By Luis Alejo - The 30th District in the California State Assembly

DMV Issues Over Half a Million Driverís Licenses Under AB 60

Luis Alejo - The 30th District in the California State Assembly
September 25, 2015

(SACRAMENTO) ó Today, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced that they had reached a historic milestone: over 500,000 driverís licenses have been issued to undocumented Californians under Assembly Bill 60. Assembly Bill 60 was a historic piece of legislation authored by Assemblymember Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) in 2013 that restored the ability of undocumented California residents to apply for a driverís license. Following the announcement from the DMV, Alejo issued the following statement:

"Today, the DMV announced that over 500,000 undocumented California residents have successfully obtained a driverís license under AB 60. I am proud to have authored this historic measure for not only the millions of hard working undocumented Californians that call California home, but also the 38 million California residents that can now rest assured that everyone on Californiaís roads is properly licensed, tested and insured. I want to commend the Governor, his staff, and the Department of Motor Vehicles for their tireless work to make today a reality. The hardworking recipients of AB 60 licenses make tremendous contributions to our society and economy and now, the state has returned the favor by allowing them to drive safely to work, take their children to school, and further their contributions to California without fear. Additionally, after nine months of implementation, concerns voiced by the critics have not turned out to be true. Instead, AB 60 has been a win-win for all Californians.

Today, undocumented California residents are renting vehicles, buying cars, insurance policies, and other miscellaneous items needed to ensure their vehicles run properly and safely. This multiplier effect powers our economy with demand for new services and that translates into job preservation for many California workers. At the same time, AB 60 continues to make our roads safer by ensuring all drivers have undergone the training to operate their vehicles safely. Increased roadway safety is a huge benefit for all drivers. The DMV has also had a record number of Californians that are signing up to be organ donors as they obtain their new licenses.

In closing, I strongly encourage those who are eligible, but have yet to apply, to take the brave step and come out of the shadows so they too can obtain a license. They can do their part by applying and studying for the written test and signing up for driving lessons so they too can obtain a license to further their contributions to our great state."

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