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3/20: Anti-immigrant groups launch Mexico tourism boycott
Released 01 April 2009  By CINDY CARCAMO - The Orange County Register

Anti-illegal immigrant groups launch Mexico tourism boycott

Fliers are being distributed at border to urge trips within U.S. instead.

The Orange County Register
Friday, March 20, 2009

A coalition of anti-illegal immigrant advocates with a goal of halting
American tourism to Mexico are distributing fliers along the San
Ysidro border that accuse the country of being aggressive and hostile
to the United States and disrespectful of its laws.

Americans United to Halt Tourism in Mexico – formed by Minutemen
groups across the country and local groups such as Huntington
Beach-based California Coalition for Immigration Reform – is urging
Americans bound for sun and fun south of the border to instead visit
the U.S. Southwest.

"Do not give your tourist dollars to Mexico!" the fliers say.

Aside from passing out the fliers along the border, some advocates say
they plan to distribute them soon at college campuses in Orange

"With Americans going down … it would be contributing to the economy
of a country that is hostile to the United States of America," said
Barbara Coe, a Huntington Beach resident and leader of California
Coalition for Immigration Reform. "Mexico has constantly tried to
interfere with immigration policy."

However, some Mexico-U.S. relations experts and the Mexican Consul in
Santa Ana say they don't believe the fliers will have much of an
effect, especially on tourism. About 22 million people visit Mexico
every year, experts say.

"Tourism to the border region and Mexico is a huge phenomenon,' ' said
UCI political science professor Louis Desipio, who specializes in
immigration and U.S.-Mexico relations. "The effect of a handful of
people passing out fliers" will be minimal.''

Mexican Consul Carlos Rodríguez y Quezada disputes the fliers' claims
that Mexico urges amnesty, is violent and is a bad neighbor.

"We've always been good friends and good neighbors," he said. "We're
not demanding amnesty but immigration reform."
Still, he said he's not too worried about the fliers.
"I think people have enough sense and information to know to not pay
attention to this," he said.
Coe says a few people from her group have helped in the effort,
passing out fliers along the border.
The next stop, she said, will be the college campuses.
"I think it's important to be on the campuses in hopes that we can
give a little dose or reality to some our kids," Coe said.

UCI spokeswoman Cathy Lawhon wouldn't comment on the content of the
flier but did say campus officials respect the distribution of
pamphlets on campus as long as there is no language advocating violent

"UC Irvine is a public university where everyone, regardless of
opinion or background, enjoys the rights and protection of the First
Amendment," she said.

Some say the campaign could backfire.

"I think it's really counterproductive if the idea is to have a
dialogue between two countries," said Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda, a professor
of Global Studies at UCLA. "I think it's extremely important we set up
a renewed tone for dialogue, rather than single finger-pointing. "

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