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3/12-27: California Latino March for Peace with Fernando Suarez and Pablo Paredes
Released 15 March 2006  By Guerrero Azteca

3/12-27: California Latino March for Peace with Fernando Suarez and Pablo Paredes

Daily weblog:

OBJECTIVE: A 241 mile march that aims at ensuring that the Latino voice of opposition to the War is heard loud and clear across the Americas.

WHAT/ WHEN: Fernando Suarez del Solar, Pablo Paredes, Camilo Mejia and Aidan Delgado will lead a coalition of the willing across this 241 mile quest for peace starting in Tijuana, Mexico, going through Marine Corps Depot Camp Pendleton to the Cesar Chavez burial site in La Paz, CA, culminating in The Mission district of San Francisco with a memorial ceremony and blood drive.

The March will begin on 12 March 2006. The coalition of the willing will arrive at La Paz, CA on 22 March 2006 and culminate in San Francisco from 26 March 2006 to 27 March 2006.

WHY: Latinos represent nearly 15% of the US population and 11% of the US military, with many serving in combat or hazardous duty occupations. In addition, an estimated 20% of the fallen service members in the early months of the invasion were Latino. With the continued growth of the Latino population and its vital importance to the future of this country, it is time the Latino community become an active and vocal part of the 60%+ of US citizens that oppose this War. It is also time to show the Latino community that they have a voice and a right to fight for peace and stability. Fernando Suarez Del Solar is committed to self-sacrifice. At 50 years of age he cares more about ending this war than even his own health. We make this call not only to the Latino population but to all those who agree with our message 'No more bloodshed in Iraq'.

Here is the statewide dates and schedule, please support in your city and barrio!

Day 1
March 12 Sunday
From: Tijuana, PS 44, CECUT, Border To: Barrio Logan (22mi)
Contact: Victor Clark/AFSC
Event: Press conference at CECUT

Day 2
March 13 Monday
From: Escondido (SP HS, Peace Tree, Oak Hill Cemetary- City hall) To: Recruitment Office, San Marcos (15mi)
Contact: Fernando's Hood
Event: none

Day 3
March 14 Tuesday
From: San Marcos To: Camp Pendleton (17.5mi)
Contact: Fernando's Hood
Event: Stop at gas station memorial

Day 4
March 15 Wednesday
From: Orange County To: Santa Ana (15mi)
Contact: Dan Kelly 714 482 5573
Event: La event

Day 5
March 16 Thursday
From: Long beach, South Gate, Florence To: Huntington Park, Bell Garden (15mi)
Contact: none
Event: La event

Day 6
March 17 Friday
From: Santa Fe Springs, Pico Rivera, MontebelloELA, and Boyle Heights To: Grace N. office, Salazar Park,5 Puntos, LAW march (15mi)
Contact: Teresa Moore 562-698-9154 and Carlos Montes 213-368-8674
Event: none

East LA M a r c h & R a l l y !
Friday, March 17 3:30 pm

For march, assemble at 3 pm on Soto at 6th Street in Boyle Heights. Rally at Plaza Del Sol, 6th & Soto.

Join Latinos Against War
Military Recruiters Out of Our Schools,
No to War!
Equal Rights for Immigrants,
No to Racists Anti Immigrant Laws!
U.S. Out of Iraq!
Stop the Attacks on Immigrants!

Day 7
March 18 Saturday
From: La Plazita To: Downtown, Mc Arthur Park (15mi)
Contact: none
Event: Join the Holywood March

Day 8
March 19 Sunday
From: ? To: Santa Monica (Arlington West) (15mi)
Contact: none
Event: none

Day 9
March 20 Monday
From: San Fernando To: San Fernando (15mi)
Contact: Rosa Furumoto (818) 472-1280
Event: Event in evening at North Oxnard United Methodist Church

Day 10
March 21Tuesday
From: Ventura To: Ventura (15mi)
Contact: or call 805-487- 9109
Event: none

Day 11
March 22 Wednesday
From: 5 miles past Mojave To: Tahachapi (15mi)
Contact: UFW folks
Event: none

Day 12
March 23 Thursday
From: Tehachapi (Local) To: Keene, La Paz (15mi)
Contact: UFW folks
Event: none

Day 13
March 24 Friday
From: Fresno To: Fresno
Contact: none
Event: none

Day 14
March 25 Saturday
From: Watsonville To: Watsonville (15mi)
Contact: Tomas Alejo / Stan
Event: Possible event with scott ritter Ray Mcgovern. Afternoon

Day 15
March 26 Sunday
From: San Jose To: San Jose (15mi)
Contact: Tomas Alejo / David Solnit
Event: none

Day 16
March 27 Monday
From: San Francisco To: Mission District SF (15mi)
Contact: David Solnit
Event: Ceremony and Blood drive

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