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The National Immigrant Solidarity Network (NISN) is a coalition of immigrant rights, labor, human rights, religious, and student activist organizations from across the country. We work with leading immigrant rights, students and labor groups. In solidarity with their campaigns, and organize community immigrant rights education campaigns.

From legislative letter-writing campaigns to speaker bureaus and educational materials, we organize critical immigrant-worker campaigns that are moving toward justice for all immigrants!

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Saturday, October 16, 2004:
Two Marches For Immigrant Rights
in Los Angeles CA
Released 27 September 2004  By Latin@s Against the War and ANSWER

Saturday, October 16, 2004
Two Marches For Immigrant Rights
in Los Angeles CA

Saturday, October 16, 2004
Statewide March & Rally
Coalition for Immigrant Rights and Against the Raids
Equal Rights for Immigrants

Stop the Raids on Immigrants and Mexican/Latino Communities

We Fight For
Legalization-Stop The Raids

Assemble at 9:00 AM
at 5 points in Boyle Heights
(corner of Chavez and Lorena)
March starts at 10:00 am
March to Los Angeles City Hall, 1st & Spring

to City Hall at Spring and 1st Street

More information:
Latin@s Against the War

Los Angeles
(213) 382-8380
(323) 221-4000
(323) 368-8674

San Bernardino
(909) 888-1800

(909) 827-1826

Saturday, October 16, 2004
12:00 noon
Downtown Los Angeles
Assemble at corner of Olympic & Broadway for march
Rally at corner of 1st & Spring St.

March & Rally For Immigrants Rights

The October 16 march for immigrants‚ rights is part of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition's national plan of action.

For information please contact:
Latino Movement USA 323-269-6069
A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition 323-464-1636,

Nearly ten years ago, on October 16, 1994, the Latino immigrant community and its political allies convened and held the largest ever mass march and rally by Latinos in the history of the United States. The main issue then was the movement to defeat Proposition 187, which aimed to deny basic human services and constitutional and labor rights to immigrants. That historic march united the Latino community and their allies like never before and unleashed a rise in the political consciousness of millions of people in California and throughout the rest of the country.

To commemorate that historic march is important. We must also elevate the level of struggle to win full rights for undocumented workers and their families at this critical time.

On October 16, 2004, everyone is invited to join the massive march and rally in downtown Los Angeles to demand full rights for undocumented workers, and to stop the raids and racism against immigrants. We seek broad unity to build this event.

All progressive individuals and organizations who believe that the fight for immigrants' rights is an important one are welcome and encouraged to participate. A strong, united march and rally in downtown Los Angeles will demonstrate the incredible strength and resolve of the movement for immigrants' rights in the United States today.

This call for a demonstration on October 16, 2004 was initiated two years ago by a pro-immigrant coalition led by Latino Movement USA & Hermandad Mexicana Nacional on October 22, 2002, during the rally held at the Immigrant Rights March in downtown Los Angeles.

With continuing violent attacks by vigilantes and racist groupings against immigrants, along the U.S.-Mexico border, on the rise; with mass terrorizing raids in predominantly Latino communities by border patrol agents, and other law enforcement units multiplying; with no end in sight to the mass arrests of Latino immigrants at U.S. airports; and with the prospect that this police terror campaign against immigrants may increase in the aftermath of the November Presidential election, the October 16 March and Rally represents a critical political test of how we all understand our respective roles and political responsibilities in the ongoing political battle to safeguard the human and labor rights of the weakest sector of the U.S. working class, the undocumented worker.

Organizations from around the country have endorsed this event, including the following sponsors:

Latino Movement USA, Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, Asociacion Nacional de Salvadorenos Americanos, Alianza Hondurena de Los Angeles, Casa Nicaragua, Ecuadorians Residing Abroad, Frente Civico Zacatecano, Federacion de Clubes de Jalisco, Familias Unidas de Lynwood, Centro Azteca, Free Palestine Alliance, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, Fuerza Revolucionaria Salvadorena, Dr. John Fernandez, Roosevelt High School, Apostolic Church, Jovenes Inc., Coalicion Latinoamericana, Moviemento Popular Inmigrante, Fundacion Pro-Inmigrante, Club Ancon, Jornaleros del Valle de San Gabriel, Union Sin Fronteras, National Network on Cuba (NNOC), California Congreso of U.S.-Mexican Women Voters, Casa del Sinaloense, Zacatecanos en Marcha, Federacion de Zacatecanos, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), Palestinian American Women's Association (PAWA), and many more.

Your help to build this event is needed. Volunteers with the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition and many other organizations are postering and handing out tens of thousands of leaflets for this march all over the city of Los Angeles. Get involved and help get the word out. The people united will NEVER be defeated!

For info and to get involved in the mobilization please
call 323-269-6069 or 323-464-1636 or visit

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
1800 N. Argyle Ave., #410
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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